Thursday, December 29, 2016


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This is introduce you how to install software name WINLOG LITE from SIELCO SISTEMI, Italy.
I was download from the official web when september 2016. Its free.

After you download, please run the software with administrator previllege.

1.  As the example, i put this file into drive E:\winlog\WinlogLite_Setup . Dom right click and choose Run as administrator

 2. Choose The English language and OK

 3. Continue with Next
 4. Choose I accept the terms of the Licence Agreement and do Next

 5.You should give all checkmark and click Next

 6. If you not familiar with the software, let it directory in C:\Program Files\WinlogLite3. But if you want to customize it, click browse and make your own directory in some place. Continue the setup with Next

 7. All your file and activity file was save in Common Application data. do with Next

 8. you are ready to Install your software. Do Next

 9. Install the software
 10. You need to install JAVA . Continue with Next

 11.Install the software
 12. JAVA setup was complete and Close it

 13. The software bring you to the your browser. Close your browser

14. Your WINLOG LITE was finished.


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